Based in San Francisco, California, CityMystery LLC is a transmedia strategy and design company.

CityMystery includes the talents of Sean Mahan, a Founder of sf0, the longest-running mission-based game in history — six years and counting. Web designer Denise Jasper. Illustrator Nadine Takvorian. And Ezra Fox, a writer, gamer, podcaster, and lover of sandwiches. His blog can be found at — and John Maccabee, who founded the company.

John Maccabee is Founder of CityMystery LLC, a game design company, and a 2008 Webby Honoree for, a transmedia game for the Smithsonian American Art Museum. CityMystery's Pheon ran live at the Smithsonian, by appointment, and continues online at RevQuest, The Sign Of The Rhinoceros is a transmedia game strategy for Colonial Williamsburg.

Maccabee has written and/or produced scripts for feature films and television developed at Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers, NBC and CBS. BYZANTINE, a computer game he wrote and co-designed for The Discovery Channel was named "Game Of The Year" at the Frankfurt Book Fair (1997). He has produced websites for corporate clients that include Kodak, Sony Pictures and Fairmont Hotels. He has had three novels published (in four languages). Mr. Maccabee is a member of the board of directors of the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. He currently serves on the board of the Morse Family Foundation.

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