GAME Ghosts of a Chance
CLIENT Luce Foundation Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum
AWARDS 2009 Webby Award: Official Honoree 2009 Webby Award: Official Honoree
  • A strategy to increase foot traffic,
  • An innovative way to redefine their digital space,
  • A creative way to reach a younger demographic.

The game began when professional weight lifter, Mr. New England '04 and 05, Craig Torres, showed up at a transmedia conference, in Boston, with a tattoo covering his chest.

The tattoo contained a clue to falling down the rabbit hole of the game. Within minutes pictures of the weight lifter appeared on flickr, and within hours players began piecing the story together: One of the world's best-known museums (Smithsonian) was haunted and the players had to determine the cause and free the museum from this spell.

Players worked alone and in teams, on-site and online. Some of Ghost's interesting elements included players receiving snail mail dating back to 1855, and requests for players to make things to appease the haunting ghosts (e.g. The Fortune Cookie as Predictor Of Imminent Doom), and to attend real time events (e.g. A CSI-like forensic autopsy at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum).


During a six-week period, the game delivered:

  • Increased foot traffic,
  • Increased online visits
    • 256,900 hits
    • 6,100 online players
    • 289 blog posts
    • 481 incoming texts
    • Expanded demographic to 8 - 65
SAMPLES Snail Mail  

Videos were posted on in-game character's Facebook pages:


Ghosts Of A Chance players were asked to call in to communicate with ghosts:


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