GAME Pheon
CLIENT Luce Foundation Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Internet Archive, University of Maryland's iSchool, Encyclopedia Of Life.
GOALS Create a multi-sponsored transmedia game that engages players and challenges them to accomplish real world tasks.

The game launched with a live event at the Smithsonian — players were divided into two teams (Staves and Knaves). The outcome of the live game determined who was in control of the universe of the online game. (Staves won the opener).

  • More than 1,000 people have played online and on-site.
  • 46% Female, 54% Male.
  • Of those who registered for the game:
    • 28% accepted one mission
    • Of which 69% completed a mission
    • Mean completions are 5 per player
    • 40% of players were engaged to rate others' completions.

Launching another story element from Pheon at a live event.

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